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Coffee can cure hangover

London: Scientists have finally confirmed what many suffering drinkers have long suspected — a cup of hot coffee is the best cure for a hangover.

A new study has revealed that drinking a cup of hot coffee in the morning, along with an aspirin, can help one get over a hangover and the traditional morning-after boost is better than modern alternatives like organic honey or raw egg.

In fact, according to the scientists, the caffeine in coffee and anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin combat the alcohol, the `Daily Express` reported.

For the study, a team, led by Philadelphia researcher Michael Oshinsky, induced headaches in laboratory rats using small amounts of ethanol or pure alcohol. The animals then had doses of caffeine and anti-inflammatories which cleared pain.

"None of the commonly cited cures for hangovers could have caused this response," Oshinsky was quoted as telling the `New Scientist`.

The laboratory rats were not dehydrated either, going against an argument that coffee should not be used as a hangover cure because it just causes further dehydration, say the scientists.

A research by Norwegian University of Science and Technology had, however, claimed that people who consume high amounts of caffeine each day are more likely to suffer occasional headaches than those with low caffeine consumption.

The results of the 2009 study, published in the `Journal of Headache Pain`, were drawn from a large study of 50,483 people who answered a questionnaire about caffeine consumption and headache.

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