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Cake decorations give imagination a free rein

New Delhi: From plain basic sheets topped with roses, cake makers have taken decorations on cakes to a whole new level through complex sculpting and customisation techniques that shape the delicacies to look like realistic everyday objects.
Such complex and exquisitely decorated multidimensional and multi tiered cakes were showcased in a unique display recently by students of the Culinary and Cake Decorating School.
CCDS, a Baker`s Warehouse, showcased a unique display of 23 exquisite designer cakes at their institute in Okhla here where participants from varied walks of life went head to head in a competition to create the ultimate structured cake.
"It gives me immense pride in seeing our students evolve from regular cake lovers to full-fledged cake designers. their passion for the art of baking and the zeal to learn makes it even more worthwhile for us to inspire and guide them," says Kandy Vaid, Founder, CCDS.
The grand finale of CCDS`s `Confectionary & Cake Decorating` diploma was presided over by a panel of jury members comprising of experts from the industry, Chef Varun and Chef Waqar from The Lalit and Chef Nagpal, Executive Head Chef, CCDS.
 Among all the designer cakes, the cake which got a lot of notice was of the participant Amritha Sodhi, who is a former contestant of MasterChef India 2 and a businesswoman. Sodhi designed a 3D image of a kitchen which sported a today`s special tag. Everything which was stuck to the cake was edible.

The competition also included a perfect Indian Wedding cake which had golden embellishments and beads to its sides and gave that authentic appeal. Then there was a cake based on the story of "The Princess and the Frog," a 2009 US animated musical family film.
The CCDS offers a diploma course is designed to make a student who may not even have any background in the field, into a bakery professional. "The course not not only allows them to learn baking and designing cakes but also confectioneries, puffs, breads, chocolates, cupcakes etc. The stress is on decoration which has brought in a revolution in the cake-making industry," says Vaid.
This three month long course transforms the novice baker into a cake artist or confectioner who can produce items that are at par with any professional. "With the concept of customised cakes gathering steam, baking offers good career prospects. If you are creative and have an eye for conjuring up interesting cakes in the shape of bags, dolls, cricket bats etc, this profession is for you," says Chef Nagpal, Executive Head Chef, and CCDS.
So when deciding on your next cake design, use your imagination and creativity, you don`t have to settle for a grocery store for a cake that is full of preservatives but just find a cake decorator who specializes in sculptured and customized cake designs. There is nothing like presenting a cake for that next baby shower that is actually a diaper bag made from cake!

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