Cabby bites minor, pleads guilty

New Delhi: A cab driver, ferrying a five-and- half-year-old girl to school and back home, has been sentenced to three months in jail by a Delhi court for biting her on cheek.

Metropolitan Magistrate Kiran Gupta sentenced the taxi driver, holding him guilty of trying to outrage the child`s modesty. The court convicted driver Aman Kumar for using criminal force on the minor with the intention to outrage her modesty after he pleaded guilty.

"The MLC (of the minor victim) categorically mentioned presence of healed abrasion mark on left cheek. The MLC coupled with the plea of guilt (by Kumar) is sufficient to prove the conviction of the accused for the offence under section 354 IPC (assault on woman with the intention to outrage her modesty)," the court said.

The prosecution case was that Kumar used to ferry the victim and other children from Ranjeet Nagar to a school in Rajouri Gardeand and back in a cab. On July 19, 2008, when he dropped the victim back from school, her mother noticed a blood clot on her face.

When she inquired with her daughter, she revealed that Kumar had bit on her face. The woman promptly complained with the school authorities but no action was taken by them. The matter was then reported to the police.

Before the court, Kumar pleaded guilty. Considering that he voluntarily pleaded guilty and that he was a man of clear antecedents, the court took a lenient view and sentenced him to three months simple imprisonment.