Boris Becker looks to tap Indian market for his business

New Delhi: After conquering the tennis world during his heydays, Boris Becker is training his eyes on India as a businessman to tap the country's vast potential in the area of sports academy and fashion items.

The man, who took the tennis world by storm by winning the coveted Wimbledon title in 1985 at the age of 17, is looking to set up a Becker Private Office in Mumbai by the second half of this year in association with a local partner.

"India is no longer an emerging country. It has arrived and there is a huge potential. We are working on a few projects and by the fall of this year, we will have Becker Private Office in Mumbai," Becker said here.

Based in London, Becker Private Office LLP is the company that looks after his varied business interests.

When asked what were the business areas he is looking in India, he said: "I have a range of business interests, from cars to perfumes; from tennis equipment to clothing and sports centres. Setting up of sports centre is definitely on the agenda."

He did not share the details of his business plans as also the identity of the local partner.

Associated with German luxury car maker Mercedes Benz as global brand ambassador, Becker said he is also looking forward to promoting the company's products in India to leverage on his popularity here.

"I have been in India before but this is the first time I am here with Mercedes Benz. I have been associated with the company for 17 years. My popularity here is good, so with our association, I want the brand to be successful," Becker said.

While he was the star attraction at the launch of Mercedes Benz GL-Class sports utility vehicle, the former tennis star said like he has done in other parts of the world, he is looking to promote the auto major's other range of products in India as well.