BJP terms petro hike as “midnight deceit”

New Delhi: BJP on Thursday alleged that the hike in petrol prices was yet another act of "midnight deceit" by the UPA and insisted that the common man would not spare the dispensation led by the "economist" Prime Minister for its arrogance.

"This is yet another midnight deceit with the people of India. The Congress party has unleashed a terror of a different kind on the common man. While the Congress completely remains insensitive the Prime Minister and the government have once again cheated the people," BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy said.

He pointed out that this hike of Rs 1.82 per litre of petrol has come at a time when the country is already reeling under a whopping food inflation which has remained untamed for the last three years and overall inflation remains unabated.

"The government cannot be spared anymore and it is high time to crush their arrogance. The BJP wonders whether this repeated raising of prices in the last three months by over Rs 7, is a reaction against the middle class raising a pitch and a banner of revolt against corruption," Rudy said.

He maintained that these appear to be attempts by the Congress led government to teach the common man a lesson. "The BJP is of a firm opinion that the Economist PM has shamed the nation once again," Rudy said.

BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi also attacked the UPA and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the issue alleging the government "appears helpless before the petroleum mafiosi and price rise mafiosi".

"The economist Prime Minister talks about bringing down prices every month and just two or three days after that the petroleum mafiosi increase the prices. This means the petroleum mafiosi and price rise mafiosi force their conditions over the common man`s needs and this government is helpless before them," Naqvi said.