BJP should place facts before the court: Congress

New Delhi: Congress on Friday dismissed BJP`s demand for apology from the Prime Minister and the UPA chairperson in the cash-for vote scam, saying the opposition party should place the facts before the court instead of doing politics through media.

The ruling party reminded the BJP that it was L K Advani`s close aide, Sudheendra Kulkarni, who was an accused in the case. "A very close confidante of L K Advani got bail in the case on Thursday," party spokesperson Rashid Alvi said.

He was asked to comment on BJP chief Nitin Gadkari`s remarks that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi should "apologise" for their "political conspiracy" under which BJP whistle-blowers were jailed in the cash-for-vote scam.

"The case is pending before the court. Law will take its own course. Who is responsible or not responsible will be decided by the court," Alvi said.

Asked about Kulkarni`s comment that the whole truth has not come out as yet and the ultimate beneficiary is the government, Alvi said, "Kulkarni or BJP should place facts before the court rather than doing politics through media."

His remarks also came on a day when Advani said in Haridwar, "It is not the question of bail only, we will take the cash-for-vote scam to its logical conclusion."

In a bid to up the ante against the government on the cash-for-vote scam and corruption issue, BJP has decided to "felicitate" its "whistle-blower" former MPs and Kulkarni who have been released on bail.