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BJP says Digvijay is unwell

New Delhi: BJP today took on Digvijay Singh for his remarks on RSS support for Anna Hazare`s movement, saying it was a known fact and his harping on it proved that the Congress leader was "unwell".

"Like the Mughal forces used to see Maratha king Shivaji everywhere, Digvijay Singh sees the RSS. Now he says he has proof- as if this is rocket science- that RSS had supported Anna Hazare`s fast. RSS had publicly supported Hazare and there is no secrecy about it," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said. He maintained that there was nothing to hide and RSS was not running away from owning this up.

"RSS did not support Hazare surreptitiously or covertly. RSS has said on its web site that it supported Hazare," Javadekar said. He said that Congress knows "RSS` strength and so is worried about its support to Hazare". "All we can say is Digvijay Singh get well soon. What else can one say to a person who is unwell," Javadekar said.

Singh today wrote a second letter to Hazare in as many days saying he was attaching proof that RSS had supported his movement. He also told Hazare that people around him were keeping him in the dark about such issues. Hazare has publicly asked the voters of Hisar not to vote for the Congress in the Lok Sabha by-polls to be held tomorrow.

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