BJP needs to reinvent itself: RSS mouthpiece

New Delhi: Time has come for the BJP to "re-invent" itself, says an article in RSS mouthpiece Organiser while expressing concern over "clash of personalities" in the party.

"(It is) Time for all parties to re-invent themselves…Time has also come for the BJP to re-invent itself," senior journalist M V Kamath says in the article.

"To be taken seriously, a party must have a clear vision, a specific ideology by which one stands or falls. And just as importantly it must be seen as a united organisation that speaks in one voice.
Can anyone say that of today`s BJP? What has been painfully evident is a clash of personalities and a conflict of interests that have caused distress among BJP supporters," Kamath said.
He noted that this situation has to be quickly addressed.

Finding fault with BJP`s initial move asking A P J Abdul Kalam to contest Presidenital elections this time, Kamath said, "To ask him to stand for election again, especially when chances were he would be effectively defeated was a thoughtless way of undoing his well-earned reputation. The BJP should have understood it. Happily Kalam saved himself from this folly".