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BJP attacking ministers as govt quickened Hinduterror probe

New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram on Monday said there are nine documented cases involving right wing terror groups making bombs and killing people and BJP is targeting selective Ministers because the UPA government has quickened investigations into them.

He said the objective of these fundamentalist groups was to clearly create terror and the government has to deal with that.

Interacting with PTI journalists, Chidambaram said BJP`s attack could also be due to the fact that the government has persuaded the court to hear two Ayodhya cases on a more or less day-to-day basis.

He was replying to a question why he was being targeted by the BJP linking him to the 2G scam.

"I think they know that there is no connection to the so called scam in 2G. I think they are targeting selected Ministers for other reasons in this case.

"What I suspect is that we have quickened the investigations into a number of bomb blast cases where right-wing fundamentalist organisations are involved. We have quickened….we have persuaded the court to hear two Ayodhya cases on a more or less day-to-day basis," he said.

Chidambaram said he could not think of any other reason. "I think the reason is that they think this government is seriously pursuing the bomb blast cases where right-wing fundamentalists elements are involved. Clearly many of those right wing fundamentalist elements are linked to the RSS".

Asked about Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh`s statement that right wing forces were bomb making factories, he said "I don`t know whether there are bomb making factories.

I know that they make bombs and these bombs have exploded.

They made bombs. Accused made bombs and bombs have exploded.

The bombs have killed people".

To a question about the massacre by a suspected right wing man in Norway and the dangers of right wing terror in India, the Home Minister said there are documented cases of right wing fundamentalists terror in India.

"NIA is investigating seven plus two – nine cases. The two are Goa cases. Seven are cases that happened elsewhere where the objective was to clearly to create terror. These are difficult times when we have to deal with fundamentalist terrorists groups belonging to different religions," he said.

On the statement of Digvijay Singh that he had apologised to him for some statements made against him and whether he was pleased that Sonia Gandhi had pulled him (Singh) up, Chidambaram said "I was not displeased in the first place".

Asked whether Singh said sorry to him, he said "he had a conversation with me and that is not for public consumption.

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