‘Bengali music witnessing new resurgence’

Kolkata: Pointing out the world of Bengali cinema is integral to the world of Bengali culture, 'Hemlock Society' actor Parambrata said Bengal as a whole is witnessing a resurgence in both quality movies as well as music albums.

Launching the new puja album 'Ekla tor Sarata Din' of popular young singer Aneshwaa, Parambrata said "what we are witnessing in the field of art and culture is nothing short of a resurgence with really creative people like poet Srijato, who has penned the lyrics here, chipping in."

"Happy to find the contemporary look and feel, which today's youth can relate to, finding resonance in our movies and songs and finding takers. I am sure this will continue," Parambrata said describing poet Srijato and musician Indradip Dasgupta as among the few gifted personalities the world of show business got now.

Asked if launch of several new albums before puja this year will not result in some of the albums getting lost in the process, Parambrata said "as I said with audiences becoming more discerning, good works are getting appreciated in the realm of art and so, good work will be noticed but others will face the rout."

"Anweshaa has a sophistication in her voice which, I am sure, would be liked by the audience who did not have a better time perhaps in past with so many Bengali song albums were being launched before this puja, a break from couple of past years," well-known classical singer Kaushiki Desikan said.

Aneswhaa, who had done the playback for Rituparno Ghosh's Khela said "singing lyrics in Bengal is like breathing on your home turf."

"Though I want to sing different genres of music, the poem-based Bengali puja numbers are infused with a certain freshness, a soft romanticism which you won't find in other types of music," she said.

"It gives a sense of connect with your roots," Aneshwaa, who had first got her Hindi break in Golmal Returns and now waiting for audience response to her numbers 'I Am 24' said.

"I enjoyed working under Jatin Lalitji," the best female upcoming singer of the year award for the debut tamil song in music mirchi awards 2010, said.

The album was brought at the initiative of Ragranjini, an academy of music having people like Ajoy Chakraborty.