Azhar bats for Congress chances in UP

Kanpur: Former Indian cricket captain and Congress MP from Moradabad Mohd Azharuddin is enthusiastic about his party`s prospects among Muslim voters in the forthcoming Assembly polls in the state. The Muslim voter of UP has realised the importance of development and education for the community, to help it join the national mainstream, Azhar told PTI at a party roadshow for local candidates.

He said he has toured half of the state`s Muslim-majority areas and claims that Muslims see the Congress as the only hope for their welfare, which has been neglected over the last 22 years. Azhar says, even though the central government has many schemes for the community`s development, many Muslims are simply not aware of them. He expressed confidence that the Muslim youth would strongly support the Congress by voting in large numbers. But said he was very concerned about the youths` educational neglect and their inability to gain employment.

He said, if the Congress wins power in the state after 22 years, it would spur development of not just Muslims but all communities and sections of society across the state. The MP says, he can sense the change in the public mood and is confident of the Congress winning an absolute majority in the polls and forming the government once more in UP.