Annas campaign is ppls pledge against corruption

Patna: Lending his full support to Gandhian Anna Hazare`s campaign against corruption, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday said that the agitation was manifestation of the people`s pledge against corruption.

"I have full support to Anna Hazare for his campaign against corruption… It is manifestation of people`s pledge against corruption", Kumar told reporters here.

Disagreeing with the view expressed by some quarters equating the social activist`s campaign with the movement launched by late Jaya Prakash Narayan, Kumar said Hazari`s was "an independent movement".

"There is widespread resentment, indignation and discontent brewing in the people`s mind against corruption", he said and adding that a string of corruption allegations had surfaced during UPA-II and had "agitated the people`s mind".

"People supported Ramdev Baba for his crusade against corruption and now they are rallying behind Hazare on the issue", he said, maintaining that his campaign was "widespread and had broader people`s support."

"Hazare is receiving overwhelming response", he said and cited his statements against corruption in over 300 election meetings during the assembly polls.

"Jan Lokpal bill being demanded by Hazare has full support from the people", he said, adding the UPA government should not make it a prestige issue and concede the demand instead of delaying the issue in the name of "constitutional mechanism."