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Anna Hazare flavour rides high at Delhi Book Fair

New Delhi: Anna Hazare seems to dominate the season with influence of the veteran Gandhian being felt at the ongoing 17th edition of the Delhi Book Fair too.

Posters and stickers on walls of the stalls as well as pamphlets and leaflets themed on Anna Hazare and his movement against corruption are seen across the various halls of Pragati Maidan, the venue of the Fair, which opened here on August 27.

Books on Hazare are in demand. "A biography of Anna Hazare in paperback has generated a lot of interest. We have sold over 100 copies of the book till now," says a stall owner on the first day of the week-long fair.

Priced at Rs 95, the biography by Prateeksha M Tiwari in English "Anna Hazare: The New Revolutionary" and its Hindi translation "Krantidoot: Anna Hazare" has chapters on major scams in the country as well as a primer on the Jan Lok Pal Bill.

"We have also reviewed queries by several students about books on the Jan Lok Pal Bill," according to a salesperson manning the Diamond Books stall.

part from Hazare, the stall also displays books by Kiran Bedi such as "Mudde aur Drishtikon"(Issues and Perspective).

The entrance to the Saraswati House stall sports a large picture of Anna Hazare engraved with support for the India Against Corruption movement.

Several other stall owners have printed posters on "Anna Books" to attract visitors.

Books on revolutions and leaders from across the world such as Che Guevera and Nelson Mandela have been displayed prominently at the stalls.

Copies of books on Mahatma Gandhi including his autobiography "My Experiments With Truth" are also seen displayed at several stalls. A hardbound copy of Mahatma Gandhi`s letters to Jawaharlal Nehru nestles among other titles at a stall.

"People come looking for classics and autobiographies. We are selling them at discounted prices. Detective fiction and limited editon books have been selling good," says the salesman manning a discounted price bookstall.

"I love books and frequent book fairs to scout for fiction and detective stories. Earlier I could get secondhand books at Rs 25 each but now the mimimum I can find is priced at Rs 100 each. I guess it is the inflation," says Suraj Vincet, who picked up a collection of fiction that he expects to last him "a good one year."

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