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Alleged bugging: Cong says oppn making pol issue

New Delhi: The alleged bugging of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee`s office turned into a political row on Wednesday with the Congress alleging that the Opposition was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Ridiculing BJP`s comparison of the incident with the US` Watergate scandal, party spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said the Opposition was making it a political issue to divert attention from its internal problems.

Natarajan played the tune of `all is well` in the government while answering a volley of questions on the issue, including the alleged rivalry between the Finance Minister and the Home Minister.

Steering clear of all the questions, she said the Finance Minister has already clarified that the IB has gone into the issue and has found nothing and allegations in this regard are bogus.

In an apparent attack on BJP, which had alleged a civil war in the government, she said the BJP was in a great danger of complete deterioration since the defeat in the Lok Sabha polls as also in the assembly elections.

"Now there is a total internal rebellion and they are clutching at a straw to make allegations at the government," she said.

On Janata Party leader Subramanium Swamy`s allegations that there is a rivalry in the government, Natarajan said there was "no confrontation."

She also did not answer a question as to what actions the party would like the government to take in the matter as surveillance by two Haryana constables of 10, Janpath some 20 years back had led the party to topple a government at the Centre.

Her refrain was that "we don`t know how far the report is correct. I am not aware of any problem in the government side and I can`t go beyond what the Finance Minister has said."

Asked about reports over lack of trust between senior ministers and a war out in the government out in the open, she said these were totally unsubstantiated reports on which she could not comment.

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