Ajay slams MP govt over growing gangrape incidents

Bhopal: Leader of Opposition in Madhya Pradesh Assembly, Ajay Singh has expressed concern over the growing incidents of gangrape in the state and urged Chief Minister Shivaj Singh Chouhan to step to contain sexual assault on women.

In a letter to Chouhan yesterday, Ajay said that front pages of newspapers, on a daily basis was full with such items. He said this truth can't be hidden behind advertisements and urged Chouhan to take steps for providing security to women.

The Congress leader pointed out that five incidents of gang rape have taken place in the last 10 days across the state.
"Women cannot be provided security only by running on paper schemes like 'Ladli Laxmi Yojana'," he said.

He also drew Chouhan's attention to the figures given by the National Crime Bureau, in which Madhya Pradesh topped the list for atrocities on women in the country. "This figure alone shows how much sensitive the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh is towards women," Ajay said.