Advani wants govt to name those having a/cs abroad

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader L K Advani today hit out at the government for not disclosing the names of Indians holding bank accounts in tax havens abroad and accused it of not making efforts to even get these details from countries willing to share them.

"Government gave a detailed statement yesterday and maintained that it does not want to hide anything but then it should also be said that it does not wish to reveal anything," he told reporters after hoisting the national flag at his residence.

Advani was referring to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee`s statement yesterday where he said a study group would be formed to look into the issue of bringing back Indian black money abroad.

"Why is the government not revealing the names of these account holders to the Supreme Court," he asked.

"Germany has said it has four more lists of such account holders in which some Indian names also figure but nobody has sought these names," Advani said.

He recalled that three years ago he had raised the issue of bringing back Indian black money and all political parties had then supported the idea.

Advani expressed regret at such a huge amount of money lying abroad and wondered how it could not be used for welfare of the people.

The former Deputy Prime Minister maintained that the first half of 2010 would be remembered for price rise while the second half was dominated by issues of corruption.

"Corruption is something that would never give people any sense of pride. We should take a pledge that with our determination we will bring about a change," Advani said.