Advani: If all is well, who are the three idiots

New Delhi: Having a dig at Law Minister Salman Khurshid for claiming ‘all is well’ in the wake of the controversial 2G note, BJP veteran L. K. Advani on Saturday referred to Aamir Khan`s recent movie, asking if that is so then ‘who are the 3 idiots’ in the government.

`All is well` was a hit song in Khan`s film `3 Idiots`. Khurshid had responded ‘All is well’ when questioned about reports of a rift between senior Cabinet ministers Pranab Mukherjee and P. Chidambaram following the Finance ministry note that suggested that Chidambaram, the Finance Minister in 2008, could have averted the 2G scam had he insisted on auction of spectrum.

"If all is well with the government, who are its three idiots?" asked Advani.

"The reference to 3 Idiots was purely anecdotal and sought to highlight the state of disarray in the UPA," a senior BJP leader said quoting Advani.

Advani later said no one needed to guess who those three idiots were, as all knew about them.