A bit of France in Delhi

New Delhi: Conforming to an annual tradition, the national capital is celebrating the coming together of nations that share a common French language in the Francophine week that ends here on March 24 with a grand mela.
The Francophine mela on March 24 introduces visitors to the universe of Francophonie, through a wide range of events, which includes film screenings, musical and theatrical performances, art exhibitions and culminates with a concert "Tango Boreal" presented by the Canadian High Commission.
The International Francophonie Day is traditionally celebrated on March 20, the day in 1970 when the treaty was signed in Niamey for the creation of the agency for cultural and technological cooperation, which is now known as the Francophone Agency.
"The Francophonie community encompasses today 63 states and governments which have chosen to be a part of this grouping. Every year, this reunion of diverse cultures is celebrated through a Festival of arts and cultures," says Jean Philippe Bottin, Director, Alliance Francaise de Delhi, which is organising the Francophonie week.
Students from the Jawaharlal Nehru University would present a theatre performance "The School of Fools" and the NGO Tara who has an emphasis on  education for children coming from vulnerable families of Delhi will present a show. A performance by Canadian duo Tango Boreal is set to conclude the week of festivities.

A photographic exhibition "I am my parents` eyes" by contemporary artist Douglas Vanherpe, who started taking pictures because he wanted to share his life with his parents as he had been living in different foreign countries would be showcased.
"What started as something random became an obsession and my camera almost a part of me. I left my country 17 years ago. I shot this series in 2008. They are a very small selection of the pictures I have sent to my parents that year," says the artist.
Another exhibition, "Sun City and Other Stories" by Sunil Gupta a fictional narrative on homosexuality has been inspired by a film by French filmmaker Chris Marker La Jetee is also set to open on March 23.
On March 25, soprano Anne Renouprez and pianist Eliane are scheduled to perform a concert, presented by Embassy of Belgium. Representatives of many different Francophone countries are participating in the Francophine week by setting up stalls sharing information about their cultures and food from all around the world.