55 pc men lie about salary to old friends: study

London: One in five people lie to old friends about their salary and car in a bid to appear more successful, according to a new UK survey. The research found that 21 per cent of Britons admit  fibbing when they get together with friends from school or university.
Men are most desperate to appear successful, with 55 per cent exaggerating how much they earn, the Daily Mail reported. Eight per cent of the men also pretended to drive a much flasher car while 45 per cent women claim to have a far more glamorous job than the one they actually do.
The research, to mark the first National Reunion Week on September 10 in the UK found that 12 per cent also lie to make it seem that they live in a much nicer area.
Interestingly, 42 per cent admitted they would be loathe to go to a reunion as they fear it would be full of people showing off about what they`d achieved.
Boasting about the stamps in their passport in a reunion was also a favourite, with 26 per cent of the braggards claiming to be much better travelled than in reality.
One in six Brits – 17 per cent – confess they would lie about their relationship status, perhaps in the hope of hooking up with an old flame. And one in 17 men (6 per cent) admit they have been to a school reunion just to boast about their achievements.