We principally agree with Anna: Supporters

Mumbai: Supporters of Anna Hazare gathered here to participate in the three-day fast for a strong Lokpal look upon him as an avatar of Lord Krishna, who will deliver the country from the menace of corruption.

Ashwini and Arti from Powai said, "We principally agree with what Anna says…So coming here was our way of expressing support and solidarity." The two women do not plan to stay overnight but will return tomorrow.

Those from outside Mumbai like Manoharlal Chaurasia from Bhopal, who will fast with Hazare, says he would be backing the Gandhian fully for a strong Janlokpal. "He wants the CBI and PM to be under Lokpal. I am fed up with corruption. I had to pay bribe to lawyers and judges and police. When I heard Anna, I felt he was voicing my feelings," he said.

Vijay Pulaste and Satyanarayan Panchal, who have come from Haryana, Sunil Arya and Nano Varma from Delhi, do not want Hazare to plunge into politics. "We are impressed with the `tyag aur samarpan` (renunciation and dedication) of Anna. We believe in the `Rananiti` (strategy) of Kejriwal and leadership of Anna. Congress has created the existing system for the plunderers and not for the common man," said Pulaste.

Panchal said people were disillusioned with Parliament because it was not heeding `Lokbhavna` (public sentiment). "If people`s sentiments are not respected, they will be forced to look for other alternatives. For us Anna is like Lord Krishna who will rid the country of the evil of corruption," said Sunil.