US removes maps showing PoK as part of Pakistan

New Delhi: The US on Monday night removed from the State Department`s website a map of India showing PoK as part of Pakistan after New Delhi raised objections to it. "Map of India that was used on the State Department (website) had inaccuracies but was not meant to represent the same precision and intricacies of professional or scientific map," the US Embassy spokesperson stated here.

"Any inacuracies associated with boundaries of either physical or geopolitical features were unintentional and we have removed this inaccurate map once it was brought to our attention," the spokesperson said adding the US Embassy in New Delhi has been in contact with the Indian government on this issue.

Earlier, India had taken exception to the "gross inaccuracies" in its map on the US State Department website and asked Washington to depict the boundaries of the country correctly.

"The government is aware of the gross inaccuracies, in the map of India, on the US State Department website. The government has consistently rejected incorrect depiction of India`s borders on maps used by the US government," the Ministry of External Affairs said here.

"It has used every opportunity to convey to the US side its concern in this regard, and has asked that these maps be corrected. This position was reiterated by a senior MEA official to the US Deputy Chief of Mission today, who assured us that the US Embassy would convey our concerns to the US State Department," it said.