US diplomats join walkathon for poors

Mumbai:Four American diplomats from the US Consulate General here will walk 100 km in 48 hours starting tomorrow, to raise money for people living in poverty across India. The trail will proceed from the Cauvery Sangamma, through the rugged and beautiful villages of south Bangalore to finish in Bidadi.

Consular Officer Evan Morrisey said, "We love India, and work day in and day out in the US Consulate Mumbai to advance the India-US partnership through providing visa services, promoting bilateral trade and investment, and connecting with the Indian people."

Consular Officer Roland Minez added, "All four of us enjoy being outdoors as well. We saw this effort as a way we could show our love of India while simultaneously seeing more of India?s beautiful countryside and supporting the worthy cause championed by Oxfam India."

Consular Officer Dan Gedacht said, "Along with various friends and supporters, our team conducted several training hikes in the hills of Maharashtra. We completed 40 kilometres on our last training hike and are looking forward to a challenging but rewarding experience in Bangalore."

The team is known as "Paul Revere`s Midnight Walk," in honor of the historic figure from American history. On April 18, 1775, the eve of the American Revolution, Paul Revere rode his horse throughout the night alerting the American militia that the British troops were about to attack and warning Boston`s residents that they should prepare to defend their homes.

US Consul General Peter Haas is the fourth member of the team. "Paul Revere?s spirit of activism and the fact that we will have to walk all through the night in order to finish in time ? inspired the selection of our team name," he said.

Oxfam India helps the poor increase their income, works to unlock the potential of women, and provides health and education services to the most vulnerable communities. Oxfam Trailwalker is a global event, taking place annually in 12 countries, a release said. This is the first year the event is being held in India.