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Tehri dam on Ganga a potential danger: Joshi

Varanasi: BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi has said that there is a "danger of immense destruction" if the Tehri dam on Ganga is damaged in any way.

While citing various possibilities that can damage the dam, including an apparent reference to earthquakes, Joshi claimed that "the government was advised to keep the height of the Tehri dam low when it was being constructed, which did not happen.

"Now, the flow of Ganga has decreased and this has affected its water quality," Joshi said yesterday at the inauguration ceremony of Mahamana Malviya Institute of Technology for Ganga Management.

"While water conservation is necessary, damming a river should be in keeping with requirements. Instead of copying the west, it is better that development takes place based on our needs," the chairperson of the PAC said.

"The ill-effects of playing with nature are apparent only after a while. This is what has happened with the Ganga," he said.

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