Team Anna suggests panel to seek peoples view

New Delhi: Arguing for amendment to the Constitution to ensure people`s participation in law making, Team Anna today suggested setting up of a `Referendum Commission` on the lines of Election Commission to seek common man`s views in framing legislations.

Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said here that available technology and internet can be used for referendum.

He said for laws related to a particular state, voting through internet kiosks can be held after biometric identification of a voter. "If it is at national level, the voting should be held at that level…you will have to ask people. The question is whether people wish to have (a particular) law," he said.

Bhushan claimed that holding such referendums would not be difficult. "We need to have a Referendum Commission on the lines of Election Commission…if five per cent people approach the Commission asking for a law, then there should be referendum," he said.

Seeking to blunt criticism against the proposal, he said some people will raise concern that this will go against the minorities. But this will not stand. It is said that majority will try to come up with some laws against the minority. That cannot happen as our Constitution guarantees certain rights," Bhushan explained. He was addressing a seminar `Rebuilding the Republic` organised by Team Anna here.