Team Anna oppose breaking of Lokpal Bill

New Delhi: Team Anna on Friday opposed enacting separate laws on judicial accountability, whistle-blowers and public grievances when they can be brought in the ambit of the Lopkal Bill even as they faced questions from Parliamentary committee members on "pressure tactics" adopted by the activists for early passage of the anti-graft measure.

During a four-hour-long meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice and Personnel, activists led by Anna Hazare strongly opposed "breaking" the Lokpal Bill into several measures.

"We said there was no need to divide the Lokpal Bill into various measures," Hazare told reporters after the meeting. "But if these measures are strong, we have no problem. At the same time the (draft) bill on citizens charter and the Judicial Standards and Accountability bill are weak drafts.

Such weak bills will make Lokpal weak," the Gandhian said. He said several members of the Committee have assured that a "strong" bill will be introduced in the Winter session of Parliament.

"Several goods points were raised. We found some solution, but not a complete solution…. We now believe that a strong bill will be introduced," he said