Team Anna disbandment unfortunate: Hegde

Bangalore: Key Team Anna member N Santosh Hegde today appeared to be in disagreement with Anna Hazare`s decision to disband the team, which he said could have “gone on” to create a mass awareness on corruption and maladministration without resorting to the path of fasting.

“I feel sorry (about the decision to disband the team) for the reason that the movement started by Anna for a strong Lokpal was need of the hour…It (the movement spearheaded by Team Anna) had progressed sufficiently and controversy or difference of opinion in regard to whether Team Anna should contest elections or not is unfortunate and which must have led to Anna disbanding the team,” the former Supreme Court judge said reacting to Hazare disbanding the team.

The former Karnataka Lokayukta said, “I hope Team Anna would still lead the fight against corruption…It (Team Anna) could have gone on like this (without being disbanded) without fasting and other things (the issue of political alternative).”

He said he would suggest Hazare should go to different places and convince people on fighting corruption and maladministration and create more awareness than it is today.

On whether the political alternative being talked about by Team Anna would work, Hegde said, “I don`t think. That`s why I have disassociated with that part of the decision making.”