Success of democracy due to respect for different ideologies

New Delhi: Respect for different ideologies was the secret of success of democracy in India and Parliament is its biggest example, BJP veteran L K Advani said today. "I believe that the key to success of democracy in India was the respect it shows to different ideologies. Parliament is the biggest example of this," Advani said participating in the discussion on the 60th anniversary of the first sitting of Parliament.

He said if Parliamentarians show respect towards each other and different ideologies then a solution to every problem can be found through debate and discussion. "Therein lies the utility of Parliament," Advani said. Referring to famous thinker Charvak, Advani said his line of `eat, drink and make merry` was understood and respected despite the fact that he challenged the traditional philosophy that you pay for your sins in the next birth.

The BJP leader said people sceptical of a country of poor and illiterate people becoming a successful democracy have been proved wrong. "Western intellectuals were sceptical on how people who cannot sign and put thumb impression on papers will be able to run democracy…today we can say it with pride that we have proved them wrong," he said. He said in the past 60 years, we have turned India into a successful democracy.