SP keeps everyone guessing on Trinamool resolution against FDI

New Delhi:Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav today kept everyone guessing on his party’s approach towards a possible resolution by Trinamool Congress against FDI, saying it would be decided when it comes up in Parliament.

“Ask this when a resolution comes in the Lok Sabha,” he shot back when asked whether he would support such a proposal of Trinamool Congress. The SP will decide its Parliamentary strategy on FDI and other latest government decisions only ahead of the Winter session of Parliament, he said.He said though his party and Trinamool Congress were opposed to FDI in retail, they are protesting in their own ways. “We are protesting against FDI (in retail). She is protesting in her own way,” he said.

Asked whether he plans to bring a resolution in Parliament against the FDI in multi-brand retail, he said, “there is no proposal so far”. Despite publicly opposing FDI in retail, he has committed support to the UPA, giving it a comfort level after the exit of Trinamool Congress from the government. On allegations by other political parties that he keeps changing his stand, Yadav said, “Now no one will say this.

Mulayam Singh sticks to what he says.” Yesterday when Trinamool Congress pulled out of the UPA, Yadav pledged to continue support to the government saying it “does not want to let communal forces to come to power”.