Some waiting for agitation to turn violent:Anna

Ralegan Siddhi: Anna Hazare tonight cautioned his supporters against some people “waiting” for his agitation to take a violent turn in a bid to malign his movement and asked them to refrain from any violence. The 74-year-old Gandhian also said he is going ahead with his planned dharna outside the residences of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in Delhi after his three-day fast at the MMRDA ground in Mumbai from Tuesday.

“Some people are waiting for violence during the agitation. If there is violence, the agitation will be maligned,” Hazare said addressing a “gramsabha” at his native village here in Maharashtra. The activist did not elaborate nor did he give any indication as to whom he had in mind. The anti-graft crusader said he would reach Mumbai on Monday in preparation for his fast.

“After the fast, I will go to Delhi and stage a dharna outside the house of Sonia and Rahul. After Mumbai, we will hold a fast in Delhi. Our agitation has been going on for over a year but to no avail. We will need to speak in the language they (government) understand,” Hazare said.

“During the agitation in Delhi, we have prepared ourselves to receive lathi blows if the government resorts to cane charge,” he said. The MMRDA ground rent is around Rs 2 lakh per day and the organisers of the fast have paid the rent with donations from the people, he said. “The duration of the fast at Mumbai has been kept only for three days due to insistence from people not to undertake a long fast,” Hazare said, adding he was fully fit to do it.