Soldiers to get improved quality of food

New Delhi: Soldiers in the Army will now get more and improved quality of food as the government has enhanced the scale of daily and periodical ration they are entitled to and has replaced some of the existing food items with better available alternatives.

"From Aug 2010, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Other Ranks (ORs) posted above 9000 feet would be provided two eggs per day and quantity of fresh fruit has been enhanced from 110 gms to 230 gms daily," Army officials said here.

While military units have been authorised for frozen meat and chicken as substitutes to dressed meat, the quantity of dressed chicken has been enhanced from 110 gms to 180 gms per man per day, they said.

To ensure variety in diets, ready to eat chicken in retort pouches would be provided to the soldiers from the next month.

On the ines of special scale rations for troops deployed in Siachen, the military units deployed above 12000 ft would also be provided special rations from August.