Shun British-era drills for bosses: Govt to cops’ chiefs

New Delhi: Heads of central police organisations and departments have been directed by the government to shun British-era “decorative” practices like a battery of junior staff “escorting” their bosses for official meetings and events.

The government while issuing the directive said the junior staff should instead be more involved in some productive work because the “fashion” of accompanying the bosses was needed by Britishers earlier to show their might.

Following the orders of the Union Home Ministry, central police organisations, departments and forces have issued directives to their formations that such practises should be avoided and stopped with immediate effect and officers should not be accompanied by anyone, except, in cases where a subordinates’ presence is required for a specific purpose.

“It is commonly seen that whenever there is any movement of police officials besides CPO (central police organisations), there is a mighty show of junior staff to escort the senior officers, generally seen in IPS and allied services.

“Let the staff involved in decorating the senior officer, should be more involved in some productive work because this fashion was needed by Britishers to show their might, now they are our own brethren,” the Home Ministry recently wrote to police departments under its command like Delhi Police and forces like CRPF and BSF.

The Ministry, top sources said, issued orders after it received instructions in this regard from the top leadership indicating that the displeasure in this regard was noted by none other than the office of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The top bosses of central police organisations, according to orders accessed by PTI, have now directed their formations that “follow up actions must be ensured strictly to avoid such practises, if any, and human resources of the force/department should be put to use judiciously.”

A senior officer said the issue requires to be addressed as it was noticed by the top echelons of the government that officers above the rank of Commandant or Assistant Commissioner of Police to Director General or Commissioner were spotted at varied times in the corridors of the Home Ministry, other government offices or official events, being followed by two-three juniors and other staff.

Only the officers in the rank of DG or Commissioner are allowed a Personal Security Officer (PSO) to accompany them for official movements and meetings.

Some of the prominent subordinate offices under the MHA include the Intelligence Bureau, paramilitary forces like BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB, NSG, Assam Rifles, NDRF, Bureau of Immigration, BPRD, National Crime Records Bureau, Narcotics Control Bureau, National Police Academy in Hyderabad and NIA among others.