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Sharad Yadav welcomes Team Anna into politics

New Delhi: Welcoming Team Anna`s entry into politics, JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav today refused to comment on whether the Lokpal crusader`s outfit will be invited to join the NDA.

"It is an imaginary situation. We welcome their entry into politics. In democracy everyone has got a right to enter into active politics and launch their political parties," JD(U) chief and NDA`s convener Sharad Yadav told reporters here.

He was asked whether the NDA will invite Team Anna`s yet-to-be-launched political outfit in its fold.

Supporting Anna Hazare`s demand for an independent status for CBI and cleansing of the present electoral system, Yadav said, "we also support the independent status of CBI. We also welcome the fact that these people have taken up the issue for cleansing of the Parliament."

Asked why the political leaders are opposing Anna Hazare`s methods for bringing in a strong Lokpal bill, he said, "the opposition will be there as their (political leadesr) proposal is for forming a Lokpal through the Parliament only. How can that be possible in the federal structure and without taking the suggestions of state assemblies?"

Observing that there is no alternative to democracy in India, Yadav said, "I want to ask them why they don`t talk about the good people in society and in Parliament. There is no other alternative to democracy for this country."

He declined to comment on Team Anna`s stand against reservation in jobs and education for backward sections of the society.

The issues that the NDA will raise during the coming Monsoon Session of Parliament, Yadav said, "the main issue will be of drought. There is a need to safely store available food grain which are presently lying in the open. Arrangements should be made for availability of food grain and animal fodder in drought affected areas."

He said that the NDA was holding a dinner meeting of its member parties on August 6 and the JD(U) will discuss all the issues before that among its senior leaders.

"The NDA is holding a dinner meeting of its member parties on August 6 in Parliament House annexe. Before that we will discuss all the issues within our party," he said.

Yadav also said that the CAG report on aviation is awaited and discussions will be held on that also along with the issue of corruption and price rise. The month-long Monsoon Session of Parliament will begin from August 8.

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