Serious attempts made to address rising expectations

Jaipur: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said that the government has made serious attempts to address the rising expectations of people with regard to governance and public services and is committed to provide security of education, nutrition and health to every Indian.

Addressing the tenth Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in Jaipur, Singh also expressed confidence that some of the legislations on the agenda of the government will bring similar impacts like RTI did in bringing transparency in governance.

"We have attempted sincerely to address the rising expectations of our people with regard to governance and delivery of public services. The Right to Information Act has proved to be a powerful instrument of bringing in transparency in governance.

"I am confident that some of the other legislations on these issues, which are now on the national agenda, will make a similar impact in the years ahead," Singh said.

The Prime Minister said since the Indian civilisation and society have always been inclusive in character, it is only natural that our political and economic processes have also to be "inclusive" in their orientation and in their outcome.

He said that the Indian democracy has deepened and gained in strength and vitality as more and more people from the disadvantaged sections of our society have secured their rightful place in our economic and political processes over the past years.

"We wish to unleash the vast human potential of the many millions, who for one reason or another, have been on margins of our society in the past. Our government is committed to doing so by providing security of education, nutrition and health to every Indian so that he or she is empowered to live a life of dignity and well being," he said.

The Prime Minister said his government was committed to the pursuit of a development strategy which will protect the environment and the essential life-support systems of the planet.

Singh said though people in India speak in different languages and follow different faiths, it has a tradition of assimilating and accommodating diverse traditions, customs, beliefs and peoples. "That is what makes Indian society, Indian civilization endure and flourish," he added.