Science meets faith

Tirupati: Human faith in God and science has become inseparable, as seen by visits of Indian Space Research Organization top scientists to the famous hill temple of Lord Venkateswara at nearby Tirumala ahead of a satellite launch.

The `sentimental attachment` between ISRO and the hill temple has become very strong after the practice of the agency`s former chairman Dr K Kasturirangan of bringing replicas of satellites to the temple for blessings before a launch, temple sources told PTI. He used to place replicas of satellites at the feet of Lord Venkateswara, with the help of priests, to invoke celestial blessings for a successful launch, they said. Kasturirgan laid down office in 2003 after a nine year stint.

Observing the practice of his predecessor Dr G Madhavan Nair, who was ISRO Chairman for about six years since 2003 continued the practice, they said. Current ISRO Chairman Dr K Radhakrishanan, who on Tuesday offered prayers at Tirumala, praying for successful launch of PSLV-C18, is also a frequent visitor to the over 2000-year old Lord Venkateswara temple here, the sources said.

Ahead of every successful mission, Dr Radhakrishnan, also India`s Space Commission Secretary, visits Tirumala temple to have blessings of Lord Venkateswara. the sources said. Dr Radhakrishnan visits Tirumala ahead of every satellite launch and another trip after its success, the sources added.