Ramdevs aide denied allegations against him

Haridwar: After remaining underground for three days, Baba Ramdev`s close aide Acharya Balakrishna on Tuesday surfaced here today rejecting the charge that he had procured a forged Indian passport.

Replying to a question from reporters here about the charge that he has a fake Indian passport, he said "it`s not like that. I am born in Haridwar and I am an Indian. I have completed my education here. My parents are from Nepal".

He did not reply to a question if he was being probed for allegedly violating the Arms Act.

Balakrishna, who went missing after the Delhi police`s baton charge at the venue of Ramdev`s fast at the Ramlila Ground in Delhi on June 4, dismissed the charge that he was trying to flee.

The Acharya said he had gone underground went fearing arrest.

"I was so much in pain that I could not dare to come in public after seeing police brutality on that night…I tried to hid in the pandals just to avoid police," he claimed.

Asked where he went after escaping from Delhi, Balakrishna said he was "too frightened to come out in the public" and reached here only today.

Balakrishna denied he was on a "secret mission", as suggested by his Guru earlier.

Balakrishna claimed he had received "many injuries in my leg and head and even my eyes were also hurt. I also have difficulty in speaking".

Representatives of various religions were present during Balakrishna`s interaction with the media.