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Ramdev wants to raise nationalist force

Haridwar: Under attack for his proposal to raise an armed force, Baba Ramdev on Thursday said he was not trying to train terrorists or Maoists but only wanting to set up a "nationalist" force.

"I am not making terrorists, Naxalites and Maoists. I am only developing a nationalist force. It is for self-defence," Ramdev, who is continuing his fast against corruption, told his followers at Patanjali Yogapeeth here.

He was reacting to a volley of criticism on his plans to raise a 11,000-strong force to deal with police and anti-social elements attempting to disrupt his anti-corruption campaign.

"If our women are able to safeguard themselves then nobody will dare to harm them and if our men are able then they can defend any Ramlila ground-type attack," he said.

"My words should be taken in the right context. People should understand what I have said.I want to train them for self-defence. Shaastra means knowledge and shastra means self-defence," Ramdev said, referring to his comments yesterday that young men will be trained in both shaastra (vedas) and shastra (weapons).

Criticising the yoga guru, Home Minister P Chidambaram had said yesterday that "by making that statement, he (Ramdev) has exposed his true colours and true intentions. Let him do so and the law will deal with that..You have to observe some discipline".

"It is anti-national and we have to take action," said V Narayanswamy, Minister of State in the Prime Minister`s Office.

Congress said Ramdev`s call for an armed rebellion is a serious issue and hoped that the government will take appropriate action to uphold the Constitution and maintain law and order.

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