PM asks police to make women”s safety priority

New Delhi: Citing the recent gang-rape of a young girl here, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today asked the police to make protection of women their priority and advised them to change their image which is not good among general public.
Addressing a group of IPS probationers at his residence, Singh said there should be behaviourial and psycologial studies to see why people indulge in heinous crimes like gangrape and efforts should be made to "wean" them away.
He said fast-paced urbanisation was leading to increased migration of job-searching youth from rural areas and they could become a "menace" if they do not get "well absorbed" in the processes of development.
"We are in a society where there are growing tensions all around. The police leaders of tomorrow have to be well versed with emerging challenges be they in the form of extremism, be they in the form of cyber crime, be they in the form of crime against our women, be they in the form of left wing extremism, or insurgency or secessionism," he told the young officers.
Noting that in all these matters, police is called upon to enforce law and order, Singh said "one area which must receive more attention is crime against women."
Pointing out that women "are victims of heinous crimes like rape and gangrape", the Prime Minister said "only recently one such crime took place in the national capital.
This phenomenon is taking place all over the country… We therefore have obligation to protect our women and children in rural as well as metropolitan areas."
Singh was referring to the gangrape and brutal assault of a 23-year-old girl in a moving bus here on December 16, an incident which has shocked the nation and triggered widespread protests.