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Passport of Ramdev close aide issued after probe

(image) Bareilly: The passport of Ramdev`s close aide, Acharya Balkrishna was issued after requisite intelligence reports by the Bareilly passport office in which he has been shown as resident of Haridwar, an official spokesperson said.

Following the controversy over Balkrishana`s nationality, the records of the passport office here were examined and it has been found that his passport no. 245797 has been issued in 1997 showing him as resident of Haridwar, passport officer Sudhakar Rastogi said.

The office used to issue passports to the residents of Uttaranchal before the new state came into being, he said.

Rastogi said that passport is issued only after the report by LIU, police and CID. When the reports of these three agencies said that the applicant is Indian only then it was issued.

The documents relating to Balkrishana have been kept in safe custody. The original copies have already been transferred to the Dehradun office, he added.

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