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Paramilitary troops not getting any rest: Pillai

New Delhi: Paramilitary forces are not getting any rest as they are continuously called for deployments across the country and their burden can only lessen after state governments fill their vacant ranks, Union Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai said here on Friday.

Pillai said that even the companies (comprising about 100 personnel) which are earmarked for training have to be deployed for various law and order duties once need arises.
"It is a big problem. Many of our central paramilitary forces are not getting any rest at all… 24X7, 365 days duty…they are not getting any rest.

"Even our training companies are all the time pulled into active duties because of the requirements from the states," Pillai told reporters on the sidelines of an event.

He was asked if the continuous deployments of these forces is a big problem.

"Our request to the states is that they have huge vacancies of sanctioned strength… we are asking them to fill up these which are running into lakhs and once the sanctioned strength is filled up then we will not need to call central paramilitary forces so often," he said.

Central paramilitaries like CRPF, ITBP, SSB, BSF and CISF regularly deploy their men and women in a company or battalion format to counter various law and order situations, elections, rallies and other big events in various states, besides guarding the country`s borders and undertaking counter-insurgency and anti-Naxal duties.

A battalion has more than 1,000 personnel and is designed on a seven companies pattern out of which one company is earmarked as a `training company`. The CISF is an exception to this battalion format as it deploys its personnel on the need of strength basis.

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