Pak should expedite 26/11 trial after SC verdict on Kasab

Mumbai: With the Supreme Court upholding the death sentence of Ajmal Kasab in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks case, Pakistan should now expedite the trial in their court, special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam on Wednesday said.

"Death sentence awarded to Kasab should be executed as soon as possible so that it gives a strong signal to the terrorists that law takes stern action against such acts," Nikam told PTI.

The prosecution against perpetrators of the 26/11 terror strikes should now be expedited by the prosecuting agency of Pakistan, he said.

"The (prosecution in Pakistan) should not delay the trial on the ground that India has to furnish evidence because conspiracy behind the terror attacks was hatched in Pakistan and it is for them to prove the same," Nikam said, adding the apex court in India has also held that criminal conspiracy behind the attacks was hatched in Pakistan.

Reacting to the Supreme Court verdict, noted criminal lawyer Majid Memon said, "Death alone" was the suitable punishment for him.

"I have no doubt that once the court believes that he (Kasab) is the offender for such offence, the death sentence and death alone was the suitable punishment for him," Memon said.

He noted that Kasab was already held guilty in the Mumbai lower courts for the offence, so the superior court has just put a seal over the earlier findings.

"As the Mumbai High Court and trial court both have found him guilty of the offence, so the highest court (Supreme Court) of the land has put a seal of the approval," he said.