Operation Safe Homecoming from Libya draws towards a close

New Delhi: About 15,400 Indians, out of the initial presence of 18,000 in strife-torn Libya, are back in the country as `Operation Safe Homecoming` rapidly draws towards a close tonight, the government said.

With 47 air charter sorties undertaken since the commencement of the evacuation exercise on February 26, some 15,400 of our nationals are already home from Libya, including 2400 who have returned last evening and this morning, the Ministry of External Affairs said.

In the last leg of the operation, special Air India flights are heading for Tripoli (one) and Sebha (two) to ferry back the remaining Indian professionals and workers desirous of leaving Libya, the MEA said, adding these flights are expected back late tonight and in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, the Indian Navy ship INS Jalashwa, docked in Tripoli harbour in the forenoon today and is helping in the evacuation of any remaining Indian national from Tripoli seeking to return home.

The Egyptian authorities have been most supportive, even allowing Indians to enter the country without visa. Egypt Air charter flights joined in the evacuation exercise.