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No two drafts on Lokpal Bill: Moily

New Delhi: Government on Thursday ruled out sending two drafts of Lokpal Bill to the Union Cabinet in the wake of strong differences with the civil society which it accused of "obstructing" the fight against corruption.

Addressing a press conference here, Law Minister Veerappa Moily, who is also the convener of the joint Lokpal drafting committee, said if the representatives from both the sides fail to iron out differences during the next meeting on June 20, then their respective views would be sent to the Cabinet.

"But there will be no two drafts," he said, contradicting civil society representative Arvind Kejriwal`s statement yesterday that two separate drafts — one prepared by the Government representatives and the other by civil society members — would be sent to the Cabinet.

Accusing the civil society representatives of "changing their demands", Moily said "it will not help. We have to confine ourselves to the mandate of a joint drafting committee."

He said the government has agreed to 34 out of 40 principles laid down by the civil society for a strong Lokpal Bill.

Moily also said that there is no final word yet on the inclusion of the Prime Minister in the anti-corruption legislation.

The Minister said while the UPA was committed to storm out corruption, BJP and members of the civil society were trying to obstruct its effort.

"My intention is not to hurt sentiments of people including both from the civil society and the BJP. They are obstructing UPA`s war against corruption," he said.

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