No intention to weaken federal structure: Govt

New Delhi: Maintaining that the decision to set up the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) was an administrative one, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni today said the Centre had no intention of weakening the federal structure of the country.

"The Home Secretary has yesterday given his statement and it has been made clear that the proposal by the Home Minister does not require changes in the existing laws or something for which there is a need to approach Parliament," Soni said in reference to the proposed NCTC here.

"As far as my understanding, it is just an administrative decision and the Central Government does not want that the federal system should be interfered with or weakened," she told reporters.

Soni said that she felt that "even the Chief Ministers were well aware that the Manmohan Singh Government would never want to weaken it (Federal Structure)."

Asked if terror was being politicised, she said, "Every time there has been a discussion on terrorism in the country everyone has said that terror and politics have nothing in common. Today, again I think everyone should repeat that there should be no politicisation of terror".

On Samajwadi Party`s charge that the Election Commission was working under Congress pressure, Soni said it is known that SP says different things at different times. "Samajwadi Party says something new every day. They say one thing in the morning and another thing in the evening. It is not possible for me to react on their statements morning and evening," she said.