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No fingerprint records of Dawood with Maha Police

Gwalior: Maharashtra Police has no records of India`s most wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim`s fingerprints, despite the fact that he was in its custody several times in the past, a top police officer has said.

"Though Dawood Ibrahim was in the custody of Maharashtra Police number of times, it doesn`t have any record of his fingerprints," National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Director General, NK Tripathi told PTI.

"If the police had this record, then it could have taken action against the fugitive in a much better way," Tripathi said.

He said work was going on in the area of `Crime and Criminal Record Tracking System` in the country and once completed, the system would make available the finger-print records of arrested persons to all the police stations across the country, if the concerned police station had taken the fingerprint records.

Tripathi said at present there are nearly 15,000 police stations in the country and soon all of them will get connected through this system.

The official said that work was progressing at a fast pace and within a year or so, it will be completed and then training will also be given to the police officials to handle it.

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