No decision without states’ concurrence: Shinde on ARC report

New Delhi: With some Chief Ministers accusing the Centre of trying to infringe on their powers, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde today tried to allay their apprehensions saying no recommendation of Administrative Reforms Commission on policing and public order will be implemented without their consent.
Shinde also brushed aside the suggestion that many Chief Ministers boycotted today's conference convened by the Home Ministry saying representatives of 23 state governments attended it.
The Home Minister said the central government has heard all the state governments and he was of the view that the Centre should not go against the wishes of the Chief Ministers and there should be cordial relations between the Centre and the states.
"On issues where the Chief Ministers' have objections, we should not go ahead and should move only after the concurrence of the states. I am fully agree with that," he told PTI after the day-long conference.
Shinde claimed all state governments fully agreed with the suggestion that there should be reforms in police administration and policing.
"No one is against that. The suggestions of the states in today's meeting will be put forward before the Group of Ministers of administrative reforms and then the next course of action will be taken," he said.
Asked about the poor representations of Chief Ministers in the conference, the Home Minister said representatives of 23 state governments, including opposition ruled states, attended it.