New notice on ban on employment of Armed Forces officials

While there is no ban on re-employment of retired Armed Forces officials in companies dealing in the defence sector, officers of the rank of Colonel or equivalent and above, who retire with pension, gratuity or other benefits, are required to obtain prior permission of the Government for accepting any commercial employment within a period of one year of the retirement.

There are conditions that stipulate that they should not have dealt with sensitive projects or the company which they wish to join.

Details are being collected from the Services.

Serving officers whose spouse, children and other persons who are dependent on and normally live with the officer are obliged to intimate the appropriate authority if such dependent / family member takes up employment with foreign commercial organisations, including foreign companies operating in the Defence Sector.

Further, the son / daughter / other persons wholly dependent on an officer wishes to accept employment with a private firm with which the officer has had official dealings during the last three years, the officer concerned is required to obtain prior sanction of the competent authority as indicated below:-

Officer of the rank of Colonel or equivalent and above; Central Government; Lt. Colonel or equivalent and below; Chiefs / Vice Chiefs of the Armed Forces.