Modi thanks Obama for US support to India’s UNSC bid

New York: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said he and President Barack Obama have achieved “significant progress” in their bilateral talks and also thanked him for the US’ support for a permanent seat in a reformed UN Security Council.

In his media statement after both sides held delegational-level talks, Modi said both leaders share “an uncompromising commitment on climate change without affecting our ability to meet the development aspirations of humanity”.

He said their partnership addresses a broad range of strategic and security concerns.

Modi also appreciated the US’ support for India’s membership of the international export control regimes within a targeted time frame.

“I welcomed the progress in our Joint Strategic Vision on Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions and our engagement with partners like Japan,” he said.

Modi said that since his visit to the US last September, both sides have “achieved significant progress in our bilateral cooperation and international partnership”.

“Our partnership addresses a broad range of strategic and security concerns — counter terrorism, cyber security, training,” he said.