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Media Centre in Srinagar helps journalists

Srinagar: A media centre at the Sarovar hotel in Srinagar has been set up to help journalists file their stories. One of the fallouts of scrapping of Article 370 has been a complete communication blockade in Kashmir. Journalists have not been able to send their stories, but media centre is of great help.

There are four computers with internet facility from where journalists can send their stories. There is no WiFi and social media cannot be accessed on those computers from the media centre.

“It is very helpful for us, we can file our stories, we are not totally cut off”, said Kamajeet, a Delhi-based journalist.

For the local journalists who couldn’t file their stories, the media centre has come as a great relief. It is here that all journalists in Kashmir converge.

“It is a great relief for us, we can access the internet and write our stories”, said Hilal, a local journalist.

What is good about the media centre is that the daily government briefings take place there. A phone is also kept reday at the centre.

Most journalists have been staying in the Sarovar, which is in the heart of Srinagar.

The only problem is that there are only few terminals to cater to the huge rush of journalists.

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