MEA asks for report from Defence Ministry on Chinese troops

New Delhi: Amidst reports of presence of Chinese troops in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), India on Wednesday said it closely and regularly monitors all developments along its borders even as the Ministry of External Affairs has sought a report from Defence Ministry on the issue.

"We have seen media reports on the subject. Government closely and regularly monitors all developments along our borders, which can have a bearing on our security.

"We continuously review and take all measures necessary to ensure the safety and security of our people, as well as, territorial integrity of the nation," External Affairs Minister S M Krishna told reporters.

He was asked about reports of presence of foreign troops in POK.

When asked about the reports, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said she has asked for a "more detailed report" from the Ministry of Defence but maintained that from time to time there are incidents of "transgressions".

"From time to time there are transgressions, I would use the word transgression, the correct term is transgression and not incursion. There are transgressions from time to time which occur when Chinese troops come over to our side of the LAC and occasionally we are told that we are crossing into their side. This is going on for some time," she said.

There are differences in perception about the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China in the border areas and these differences have to be dealt with peacefully and through discussions, Rao said.

"What is the way out? The way out is not to raise tension. We do not want tensions to be raised as a result. We need to discuss these in a rational way. Every country in the world deals with problems of this sort…through discussions….

"There is no point in trying to raise the temperature and to accentuate tension because that is not the way to deal with such matters," the Foreign Secretary said, noting that this has been a subject of ongoing discussion with Chinese side.