Mamata rubbishes reports of negligence towards minorities

Amdanga: Rubbishing allegations of negligence being meted out towards the minority community, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said the state government had already completed nearly 90 per cent of the recommendations made by Sachar Committee for their welfare.

"We have already worked and completed 90 per cent of the recommendations of Sachar Committee for the development of minorities of the state. Only 10 per cent work is left and we will complete it soon," she said at a programme Amdanga.

Mamata had met Justice Sachar after she was voted to power to discuss ways for development of the minorities. Banerjee's comments come two days after a Muslim religious leader from West Bengal had snubbed her claims that her government had completed most of the developmental works it had promised before coming to power.

"I don't want to comment on what others are saying. In 2012 we have recruited 1,,000 home guards, out of which 198 are from minority community, which is 19.8 per cent," she said and brushed aside allegations that there was little representation of Muslims in state government jobs under the Trinamool regime.

She also said, "In 2012 we have recruited 54 persons under West Bengal Judicial services out of which 9 are from the minority community which is 16.6 per cent. Did this happen during Left regime?"

Banerjee cautioned people to maintain peace among communities as unruly elements have been trying to create problem in the state. "My dear brothers, we all should always maintain peace and harmony among ourselves as unruly elements are always trying to create trouble," she said.